Wholesale Flavors for Distributors

Black Raspberry

This flavor flies off the shelves! Our Black Raspberry is fresh and sweet with deep raspberry essence.

Caramel Cashew Chip

Hedonism at its most delectable: velvety caramel ice cream laced with the salty crunch of cashews, and dark chocolate chunks.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

The irresistible combination of creamy ice cream studded with sweet, chewy chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough.

Chocolate Indulgence

Our deep, velvety chocolate impossibly enhanced with crumbled chocolate sandwich cookies. Indulge your addiction!

Chocolate Triple Play

Our own deep, dark chocolate with crumbled chocolate sandwich cookies and chocolate chip cookie dough.


A voluptuously enticing, freshly-roasted coffee bean aroma with a heavenly taste that makes you swoon.

Cookies & Cream

Chocolate sandwich cookies crumbled into a delectable bowl of pure, wholesome ice

Double Dutch Chocolate

Dutched cocoa added to cream at the beginning, and cooked right in yields this incredibly rich, dense chocolate flavor.

Fijan Ginger

The combination of our sublime Sweet Cream base with the sweetly hot ginger is a heavenly mix.

Real Maple Walnut

We add pure maple syrup from the McGills’ Twin Spruce Farm to our incredible Sweet Cream and shovel in the walnuts.

Mint Chip

The refreshing zing of ice-cold, creamy mint embedded with
chunks of dark chocolate. MMMM!

Mocha Chip

Imagine our phenomenal chocolate paired with our intense coffee and finished with loads of premium chocolate chunks.


This is a delightfully light and refreshing flavor with loads of fresh, sweet strawberries and cream.

Sweet Cream

Immensely popular for its uncomplicated, mild sweetness, it pairs beautifully with baked desserts and cookies.

Tahitian Vanilla

A complex and proprietary blend of 3 exotic vanillas and beans creates a fragrant and luscious confection.

Udder Joy

Our incredible coconut ice cream enriched with chocolate chunks and crunchy almonds swirled into a fantastically rich concoction!

Seasonal Flavors

Real Maple Cream March/April

The name says it all -- A New England favorite- A New England springtime favorite- And not just for Yankees!

Strawberry Lemonade – May/June

A delightfully light and refreshing flavor is delectable serendipity . Our fresh strawberry with a piquant lemon is so appealing!

Coconut – July/August

No one does coconut like us. Sweet Cream is super-charged with natural coconut flavor and buckets of organic coconut flakes.

Fresh Peach – August/September

Only the sweetest, drippingly-freshest peaches are chosen to
glorify this late-summer favorite-Peachy-keen!

Pumpkin Spice – September/October

All the delicious flavor of your favorite autumnal pie in a
mouth-watering ice cream-Perfect after turkey!

Peppermint – November/December

The traditional and deliciously refreshing Christmas flavor swirled into our heavenly ice

Eggnog– November-January

The beloved holiday beverage reaches new heights: sweet, creamy and lightly spiced in your favorite frozen form!