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While most ice cream makers buy their base mix from large commercial producers, we make our own proprietary base mix from scratch. We use only local, rBGH-free milk from Crescent Farm (located 3 miles down the road),  maple syrup from Twin Spruce Farm in Walpole, and cream from across the river in Vermont.  We then add other high-quality, all natural ingredients to produce our ALL-NATURAL, SUPER PREMIUM ice cream.

SUPER PREMIUM is not a title we made up. There are actually several recognized grades of ice cream based on the quality of the ingredients, the amount of overrun (air) in the product, and the milk fat content of the final product. These graded categories range from” Economy” ice cream which only just meets  the USDA’s minimum standards for overrun and milk fat, to Standard, then Premium, and finally Super Premium. Standard ice cream is 10% milk fat and generally 100% overrun. Our ice cream is over 16% milk fat with 30% overrun. In other words, our ice cream has 60% more cream and is 65% denser than regular ice cream. Super Premium is simply the creamiest ice cream you can get!

ALL-NATURAL is also a title we carry with pride.  Our ice cream meets the non-GMO standards that were set by the State of Vermont in 2016.  We are marketed in local co-ops and have been accepted into Whole foods as an all-natural product.  While most “local” or “homemade” ice cream makers buy their base mix from large commercial producers, we make ours from scratch.  We control the ice cream making process from the start to ensure that the ingredients used in our ice cream are fresh and all-natural.

We encourage you to look up the grades of some other ice cream brands that you distribute or serve. You might be surprised to find that few of them, if any, are super premium or all-natural. As they grow, many manufacturers change their base mix to a lesser quality grade and focus more on the candy and other fillers rather than on the quality of their actual ice cream.

We are proud to be one of only a very few ice cream makers in the country which can truly call their ice cream ALL NATURAL and SUPER PREMIUM. Walpole Creamery is committed to maintaining the highest standards for the quality of our ice cream products.

For 2021 we feature the following flavors and size containers:

Regular flavors for pints:
Black Raspberry (Mar – Sept)
Double Dutch Chocolate TM (Dutch Chocolate powder  cooked in during pasteurization)
Choc Chip Cookie Dough
Coffee (real caffeinated coffee)
Cookies N Cream (Newman’s Organics Cookies)
Fijian Ginger TM (Organic, fair traded ginger from Fiji)
Real Maple Cream (Mar-Sept)
Real Maple Walnut
Mint Chip
Mocha Chip
Nutty Going Nowhere TM
Strawberry (Mar-Sept)
Sweet Cream (Our own proprietary base mix)
Udder Joy TM (Coconut/almonds/choc chips)
Tahitian Vanilla TM

Special Order flavors:
Toasted Coconut
Peppermint Cream
AcapulcoCocoa TM (Mexican Chocolate)
Chai Me TM (Made with chai tea leaves)
Choconanonuts TM
Cocoa Joe (Chocolate

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