Chocolate: A Divine Addiction


The Chocolate Alchemy Chocolate, the world’s most famous confection, is often taken for granted.  Most people don’t realize the amount of time and processing involved in the manufacture of chocolate and most don’t realize that vanilla is an essential ingredient in the finished product. The history of chocolate is as rich as its flavor.  Cacoa […]

From the Cow to the Cone


From Cow to Cone “From Cow to Cone”  What does it mean?  More than a slogan, this is what makes our ice cream truly unique. Walpole Creamery crafts its own proprietary Sweet Cream base mix using only fresh, hormone and antibiotic-free milk from Elm Island Farm right here in Walpole, NH, and fresh, hormone and […]

Ultimate Ice Cream Sandwich

ultimate ice cream sandwiches

These easy to make classic ice cream sandwiches are the perfect gourmet ice cream dessert. The chocolate shortbread softens to just the right texture in the freezer and you can make them totally your own with your favorite  Walpole Creamery ice cream flavor. While they can be served right away, the texture of the assembled […]

Vanilla Unmasked: A Tahitian Treasure

Vanilla Unmasked: A Tahitian Treasure

Vanilla is the world’s most popular flavor and is a key component in Walpole Creamery’s award winning ice creams.  The vanilla plant was originally native only to Mexico and certain tropical South American countries.  It was known to the Aztecs who referred to vanilla as “Tlilxochitl” or “black flower.”  It was first introduced to Western […]

Double Dutch Chocolate Brownies


Since many of our Keene customers have commented on the brownies in our Brownie Sundae (and Emily’s ‘Chocolate Goodness Sundae’), we thought it might be nice to share the recipe. It’s made with the very same Dutched cocoa that we use in our Double Dutch Chocolate and other chocolate-based flavors, but you can use readily […]