About Us

We love ice cream as much as you do. That’s why we’ve been making the Best Ice Cream From the Start since 2006...

Our Story

Walpole Creamery, LTD (the “Creamery”) was established in 2006 in picturesque Walpole, New Hampshire. We produce award-winning, locally sourced, all-natural, super premium ice cream at our production facility located at 532 Main Street.  Our award-winning ice cream starts with local fresh milk from Crescent Farm, located 3 miles down the road in Walpole, New Hampshire. Crescent Farm is owned by the Sawyer family whose roots go back over 200 years in Cheshire County. Tom Sawyer took over the farm from his father Sheldon. The Sawyers tend Jersey cows providing our base mix with a 1% boost in milk fat over Holsteins and making our Sweet Cream base even richer and creamier than before. Together we are trying to create an ice cream that is a throw-back to an era when each batch of ice cream was made the same day from fresh all-natural ingredients.