Our Flavors

People love our ice cream. That's because we personally put 100% into every batch we make at our very own production facility right here in Walpole, NH. We produce over 25 exquisite flavors of award-winning, super premium ice cream from scratch using only the finest, all-natural ingredients. In addition to Our Top Ten, we have a wide variety of delicious Signature flavors for your whole family to enjoy.


Our Top Ten

Sweet Cream

Our base mix is so fresh and so good that we don't need to add anything to it to make a delicious ice cream.



Our Sweet Cream + Vanilla Bean = Simple Goodness!



Rich and creamy. Makes the perfect milkshake.


Maple Walnut

This is New Hampshire, of course we put maple syrup in our ice cream.



Made with candied ginger. The best description we've had to date:
"It's so good, it's therapeutic!"



Both a pick-me-up and a cold treat, all in one!


Mocha Chip

Coffee, Cocoa, a hint of Vanilla and Chocolate Chunks. What more could you ask for?


Black Raspberry

A refreshing summertime favorite!


Mint Chip

Chocolate chunks with natural mint. (Note: Natural mint does not turn ice cream green; only food coloring does that. Our ice cream will never be green).


Cookies 'N Cream

An all-natural OreoTM cookie mixed into our delicous ice cream is a winning combination.



Seasonal Flavors

Pumpkin Spice

A Fall favorite that is so popular we decided to keep on making it throughout the Winter for your continued ice cream eating pleasure!


Egg Nog

The perfect treat to spice up your holiday festivities!

Signature Flavors

Alongside our Top Ten we produce and distribute a steady supply of the following flavors, available in scoop shopsstores and restaurants near you.

Malted Chocolate
Black Raspberry   Malted Vanilla
Blueberry*   Mango*
Butter Pecan   Maple Cream
Caramel Cashew Chip   Maple Walnut
Chocolate   Mint Chip
Chocolate Almond   Mocha Chip
Chocolate Chip   Orange Pineapple
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough   Peach*
Chocolate Chocolate Chip   Peppermint Cream
Cinnamon   Pistachio
Coconut   Pumpkin Spice*
Coffee   Rum Raisin
Cookies 'N Cream   Strawberry
Cookies 'N Mint   Strawberry-Banana          
Egg Nog*   Sweet Cream
Ginger   Vanilla
Grapenut   Very Cherry Chip
    * Seasonal